Thursday, 20 November 2014

a second piece has been added to the "behind the image" series

Today we are adding a second installment to the "Story Behind the Image" series for each of Lasse's art prints. In this series each available art print is evaluated regarding the setting, project background, and his ideas that went into the making of each image. 

“Sleeping Figure”

“This image was made in 2010 as part of a series of nudes that is an on-going project. I’ve always wanted to do nude portraits but do them differently, even a book.

I’ve always been partial to photographing out in nature with emphasis on using the beauty of natural light. We all are moved by it every day, the ever-changing weather affects our moods. I really like this old tree. It’s something that was growing wildly, commanding, even daunting and provoking all those that approached it. I wanted to juxtapose the scene by placing a small creature at the base so it would be something that was growing wildly and something frail beneath.

The image evokes isolation and cold, perhaps the coldness of love. It was made during a particular period of my life and this image maybe reflected a relationship that was bittersweet on a sub-conscious level.

This image ended up being selected by Justin Broadrick (from Godflesh, Final and Jesu) as the cover for his Final project, “Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree.” It had this great connection to the ambient music and was the obvious choice for the album. 

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

steven wilson's new album to be called "hand. cannot. erase."

Here's a little promo image I did of SW earlier this year while recording the new album.

With the announcement of the new album there is also a bunch of tour dates. Stay tuned for more goodies and updates very soon.

Here is what SW says about the news :

"I’m happy to announce that my new album “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” is now finished and will be released on Kscope in February. More news and previews soon, including information on how to pre-order a very special deluxe edition.

In the meantime the first tour dates in the UK and Europe are confirmed, see below. We are currently developing a show that I hope will raise the bar both musically and visually from previous tours, with a set list based around the new album, as well as casting the net further back into my songwriting past for a few surprises."

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

first part on ongoing series of "behind the image" from mailorderbabies site

"She is almost beyond human, a mythic creature that is forever the heroine in our vivid memory, yet we cannot quite remember her face..."

Today we begin a "Story Behind the Image" series for each of Lasse's art prints. We will be taking each available art print and asking questions about the setting, project background, and his ideas that went into the making of each image.

“Study of a Girl in Wolfskin”

“The story behind Soup’s ‘Beauty of Our Youth’ was based our past memories when we were young and full-spirited. Here was a beautiful girl from our past. She is almost beyond human, a mythic creature that is forever the heroine in our vivid memory, yet we cannot quite remember her face—that’s why her face is blurred.”

“We hiked for hours out in the wilderness just scouting for the perfect location when the light just became perfect. Norway’s landscape always emits a mysterious feel in the air so I knew it was the perfect backdrop. Hence, the mythological feel in the overall image unintentional comes through. It all just came together and we got the perfect shot.

“You have to use your imagination sometimes when you reminisce about the past and you should still embrace the wonders of youth just as you saw them back then.” -LH

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Friday, 7 November 2014

how blueneck sent lasse hoile on true detective mission

Prog Rock Magazine now has a special feature - tales from the deep south USA on making the pictures for the new Blueneck album "King Nine"
It was quite the trip, I hope you enjoy the read.

Check it out here.

It also features a nice intro by Duncan, Blueneck's singer/songwriter + you can stream the album too right here.

video for lunatic souls "the fear within"

Check out the new video for Lunatic Soul's 'The Fear Within', taken from 'Walking on a Flashlight Beam' OUT NOW on Kscope

A collaboration I did with Scott from Kscope who was sent to Pripyat (I can't seem to avoid that place lately) and Chernobyl (despite his will) to record some great atmospheric images from the now desolate wastelands after the horrible events that happened 26 April 1986.

today sees the release of "king nine" the brand album by blueneck

Time to have a feast and celebrate today's release of "King Nine" The brand new and great album by Blueneck

You can order it here and also on very lush vinyl !

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

steven wilson at air studios - part 2: concept and inspiration

Here is the second studio video by Lasse Hoile of Steven Wilson and band working at AIR Studios in September. In this part, Steven discusses his next solo album's concept and themes, revealing more details about the record and it's inspiration.

Steven Wilson's fourth solo album is scheduled to be released in February 2015 via Kscope.

new limited prints released

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