a second piece has been added to the "behind the image" series

Today we are adding a second installment to the "Story Behind the Image" series for each of Lasse's art prints. In this series each available art print is evaluated regarding the setting, project background, and his ideas that went into the making of each image. 

“Sleeping Figure”

“This image was made in 2010 as part of a series of nudes that is an on-going project. I’ve always wanted to do nude portraits but do them differently, even a book.

I’ve always been partial to photographing out in nature with emphasis on using the beauty of natural light. We all are moved by it every day, the ever-changing weather affects our moods. I really like this old tree. It’s something that was growing wildly, commanding, even daunting and provoking all those that approached it. I wanted to juxtapose the scene by placing a small creature at the base so it would be something that was growing wildly and something frail beneath.

The image evokes isolation and cold, perhaps the coldness of love. It was made during a particular period of my life and this image maybe reflected a relationship that was bittersweet on a sub-conscious level.

This image ended up being selected by Justin Broadrick (from Godflesh, Final and Jesu) as the cover for his Final project, “Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree.” It had this great connection to the ambient music and was the obvious choice for the album. 

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