Wednesday, 30 October 2013

a sneak peak of the upcoming special limited edition t-shirts

Just received teasers from production room in the making of the t-shirts.

We opted to use new special process that allows for highest resolution artwork to be printed on higher quality fabrics without the fabric backing showing through the design.

We were most impressed with the image quality-you can really see the tonal values change though out the design.

The images’ high resolution is due to special conflicting inks that offset opposing colors. This way, there’s proper blackest blacks and whitest whites. It really makes the t-shirts an exact replica of the original image.

When heat is applied for a certain amount of time it seals the image to the shirt and creates a very nice lustrous finish bridging out even more of the tonal highlights resulting in very nice fade gradients. In less nerdy photographer words, it makes the picture perfect.

Each shirt design is limited to 250 and features the “Birdman” from the ‘Harmony Korine’ music video and one of the dolls from ‘Insurgentes’ (taken on the Isla de las Munecas in Mexico 2008).

They will also come with a special signed and numbered beautiful postcard-sized print in very special packaging.

This is just a little “in the making of” sneak peek. The photos I received were taken with little mobile phone so they don’t represent exact colors, but you can get the idea.

We will post more updates with proper pictures and packaging and will certainly let you know when they are ready for purchase through the website, so be sure to keep checking back!!

Woman's prototype!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

sw eu tour and new visuals

Remember to catch the new and spectacular Steven Wilson & Band show, right now on EU Tour.
I did some new visuals and a funky new long intro to the show. Here's a few images from Royal Albert Hall October 20th 2013 by the great Carl Glover.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

follow me on instagram

You can also follow me on Instagram here where I have a bunch of different pictures, from travel stuff, more band-in-a-studio thing, mountains and what not to a few cat pix - everyone loves cat's !

Saturday, 26 October 2013

the porcupine tree book...that didn't happen...yet

Going though more old stuff and found this old binder which was an initial proposal for a book that was supposed to happen once of everything Porcupine Tree I did from early In Absentia stuff, sub sequential tour, the recording of Deadwing and also tour pix and everything in between... Couple of 1000 pictures condensed down to a 240+ cool hardcover book... Perhaps someday something like it would see the light, having pictures covering from tiny venues back in the day to RAH, a very interesting the mean time I will be posting a hand full of these pix here.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

old blackfield 2 ideas

Found a bunch of old ideas made back in 2006 meant for the Blackfield II album but never image went on to become part of the excellent "Children Of E.L.B." by Soup.

Here's a few of the images made...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

a big bunch of updates

I've been digging out more old pictures from around, some new'ish some more old'ish, but the site now has about 250+ pictures added!

This time they are mostly from the Insurgentes makings, SW South America tour 2012, some never uploaded before, some new (and old) from The Incident, Fear Of A Blank Planet, the Tilburg live thingy and some more PT at Royal Albert Hall, and of course check em out ! (And there might be a few double dips but still working this internet blogging hullabaloo out) O yeah, there are also some old videos and stuff added in the updated "news" section...more pix and vids to come soon...and more exciting news.

And I just realized most of the images up now are very positive, light and upbeat in nature!! Will try and find some of the more moody stuff soon...

new limited prints released

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