a sneak peak of the upcoming special limited edition t-shirts

Just received teasers from production room in the making of the t-shirts.

We opted to use new special process that allows for highest resolution artwork to be printed on higher quality fabrics without the fabric backing showing through the design.

We were most impressed with the image quality-you can really see the tonal values change though out the design.

The images’ high resolution is due to special conflicting inks that offset opposing colors. This way, there’s proper blackest blacks and whitest whites. It really makes the t-shirts an exact replica of the original image.

When heat is applied for a certain amount of time it seals the image to the shirt and creates a very nice lustrous finish bridging out even more of the tonal highlights resulting in very nice fade gradients. In less nerdy photographer words, it makes the picture perfect.

Each shirt design is limited to 250 and features the “Birdman” from the ‘Harmony Korine’ music video and one of the dolls from ‘Insurgentes’ (taken on the Isla de las Munecas in Mexico 2008).

They will also come with a special signed and numbered beautiful postcard-sized print in very special packaging.

This is just a little “in the making of” sneak peek. The photos I received were taken with little mobile phone so they don’t represent exact colors, but you can get the idea.

We will post more updates with proper pictures and packaging and will certainly let you know when they are ready for purchase through the website, so be sure to keep checking back!!

Woman's prototype!