homepage open again

Dear friends, readers and casual followers dropping by.

I've decided to re-open this attempt of some sort of "homepage" after a long hiatus.
Reason being I simply wasn't able to update it proper and have been trying to get some help in creating a new more unique homepage if you will. Obviously these things costs money and I couldn't afford such endeavour, at least not yet.

It's been more than a year since I closed the site and a lot has happened, personally and work-wise, ups and downs as one would say, mostly downs, it's quite a struggle trying do "your thing" and stress has taken it's toll both physically and mentally, and while suffering with Crohn's disease on top things that might seem easy for most becomes a mountain to climb for others.

I'm not sure how long I can keep on doing what I love the most - art !

But must keep trying as long as I can although being able to survive is pretty important too, the stress of not knowing if your able to get work and when you will is always there lingering and I've been trying on my own for about 10 years now. Sadly more and more are relaying on free work and that's hard to compete with now, labels not paying, a constant denial of grants and funding for collaborative projects and so on and on...

That said I will be updating this site again when I can with stuff from the past year which includes a massive amount of material from the making of Steven Wilson's new album "To The Bone" the liveshow videos we did and one amazing trip to the ALMA and PARANAL telescopes in Atacama desert in Chile. A quick trip to India and more...

I've been lucky to have had an amazing exhibition at the famous Noorderlicht Gallery in Gröningen in The Netherlands. Done a few new music videos and snapped a ton of new images.

Lately I did a little interview with Danish music magazine GAFFA which can be read here.

And lastly, there will be a book released this March entitled "Portraits", a lovely 176 page hardcase bound book and subsequent exhibition - through The Flood Gallery.

For now, here's a few images from past year and more will be updated soon in the various galleries coming weeks and months, I'm missing a lot of stuff here but a small teaser below.

Keep trooping on.