Wednesday, 30 September 2015

royal albert hall and the very last copies of index rah red edtion

The two (sold out) Steven Wilson shows at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall are now over and what a wonderful couple of days it was. Carl and me had an exhibition that featured images from our recently released book 'Index' that covers some of our work for SW past 15+ years !

And of course a big thanks to everyone who came and saw us, the exhibition and got our book - thank you all sincerely ! It's was all very overwhelming and heartwarming.

We sold almost all the limited to 800 special RAH RED edition of the book so there is only a handful left that is now available online through The Flood Gallery here. If your quick you might be able to pick one up.


  1. Hey, just curious if all prints from the RAH exhibition had sold or if any where still available to buy?

  2. Wow, these pictures are saying a lot about this event. These photos are truly great and very inspiration for me. Actually I am also an artist and would like to use some of these ideas in my next painting edition. I am also going to take part in a contest at some popular event space NYC. I’ll try to do my best!!