Monday, 25 May 2015

new celestion son music video

Today see's the release of a video I did for a band called "Celestial Son" (formerly known as "Drone")

It's kinda performance disco in the woods, always wanted to do some kind of disco video so here it is (with an epilepsy warning though) ! So check it out and keep an eye out for more in their new album coming out in September - it's pretty good rock stuff !

Here's is what Rasmus Sjøgren had to say about the release :

"Guys – the wait is over. Today Gaffa brings an exclusive premiere of Lasse Hoile's original and playfull music video that follows the first tunes from our upcoming album Saturn's Return.

I prouldy present: Nothing in Excess

Though these are indeed really important news to us, it is not the only ones today. If you follow the link it will probably occur to you that we're changing the name of the band. A change is needed and we hope that you'll like the new one as much as we do.
So from this day forth this dog will no longer respond to Drone but solely to Celestial Son.
Since Facebook won't allow changing the name of this page a new one has been made – hope to see a lot of you over there. Find the new page here:
…. oh yeah and by the way – we have signed a record deal with Target Records. Album release September 11.

Friday, 15 May 2015

art prints order this weekend only

Dear all,

We are still having problems getting the mailorderbabies site up for the prints - it seems an update simply caused everything to vanish without having a proper backup

But if your interested in any prints (the below are only suggestions) we will be taking orders from today until Sunday night only for a bunch of new prints, they will of course be printed on same quality paper, signed and dated + shipped insured in extra thick tube.

If you have any images you'd like please email :  - attached the image you like (or images) and we will get back to you on price including shipping costs.

Print sizes are recommended at 45x30cm (17.72" x 11.81")

But of course if you require larger please let us know and help spread the word.

Thanks ya' all.

Monday, 11 May 2015

one-off art prints up for sale

I have 5 large (2 x black and white semi nude portrait and 2 x face with paint portrait) high quality exhibition prints that didn’t make the final inspection before framing and therefor had to be reprinted.

These prints was made for a one-off exhibition at the University Film-school collage here in Aarhus, Denmark.

3 of the 5 images where cut a bit too close for the type of framing I needed for these and the other two have very, almost un-noticeable tiny bubbles from being laminated for extra protection !

Each print measures 100cm x 66cm, dated and signed, printed on high quality Kodak professional mat photo paper. On top of the extra mat laminate it gives the prints no reflections from the sun or bright light sources which means better detail and rich colors with deep blacks still keeping all the detail in the original image.

Because these are big and heavy + having the extra laminate for protection and also longer lasting (100 years+) without loosing color etc.

I cannot ship these in a tube unfortunately so if your in or around Denmark and fancy one of the gorgeous prints please get in touch (please only serious inquiries)

They can be glass framed or attached to a light weight dibond plate and will look even better having a nice wide Passe-Partout around as well.

These will be the only ones available.

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