10 years ago...

First time I was on tour with Porcupine Tree was just after the release of In Absentia. It was a co-headlining tour with Opeth, a tour and experience which I will never forget (especially because I got so damn drunk and had to hang out of the bus window from Minneapolis on the way to Boulder, Colorado puking all over...some pictures exists of me having to wash the bus down at some pittstop with the worst hangover ever, if someone has them please send by the way)

It was a life changing event for me and I met some really good people which I'm lucky to now call my friends. I also met a really good friend which some of you might have know too, Michael Piper who ran Ace Of Disks and released some amazing vinyls, Michael was terrible at finding way especially when driving, but he was always there for you no matter what and all round nice guy who never said no even though he worked his ass off with his mail order store and releasing amazing music, and also tracked down the great Linda Perhacs and got the amazing "Parallelograms" album re-released proper (He also introduced me to her at The House Of Blues in Los Angeles and had a very long chat with her about all things life and everything in between which I will also never forget) all while drinking his Dr. Pepper's and smoking 40+ smokes a day.

Once I drove with him from New York with a truck load of PT merch up to Syracuse and on the way he fell asleep behind the wheel almost causing a major disaster and PT merch spread all over the highway...luckily I was there to wake him up in the last minute.

Micheal sadly passed away some years ago but left a lot of good memories behind, he will be missed.

I posted a few of travel pictures in the On The Road gallery (in totally random order), mostly from 2003 and some from the Deadwing tour later, it's only a small peak for now...


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