more framed art up for sale

I've added a few more framed and ex-exhibition artworks to this gallery here on Facebook!

Updated 11.07.2011

Some more and smaller images has been added for sale, these are rare one-off glass framed prints from around the start of the 2000 to around 2009. Again, personal pickup also applies for these newly added artworks I'm afraid.

Sending glass framed pictures is simple too expensive and risky.

I'm also still selling these images at the basic cost of having them made which means round around €80 to around €850 (it's crazy I know) ! But I simple don't have the space anymore or anywhere I can store these prints ! They need a good home where they can be taken proper care off.

L, July 2011
Remember there are also exclusive none framed prints available though the Burning Shed store...A few left from the Royal Albert Hall exhibition as well !​/store/lassehoile/​/store/lassehoile/collecti​on/369/