in absentia get's lush 180g vinyl release

The always great ToneFloat is now pre-selling a new 180g lush double vinyl edition of Porcupine Tree's siminal album and my first cover I made for these guys - "In Absentia" and even features my lovely face on the cover.

A little side note on IA, this cover was original presented to a crap nameless death metal band who turned it down for $500 (including layout) - luckily they had such bad taste (like so many other metal bands) and it ended on one of my favorite PT albums, the rest is history.

There is also still some very special exhibition quality prints of this image available in the store.

The prints are being offered as 70x70cm but if you don't have room for such a big print you can write me about a possible smaller size. These art prints are limited to 35 in total - when they are gone no more will be printed.