UTSA PR Feature story 2008

Unique and untouchable. Lasse Hoile, an artist unlike any other, has turned many heads in the past few years. Well known for his personal preference of conveying humanity’s inevitable destruction along with still life, Lasse has managed to top the list of what really and truly is an individual.

Lasse had humble beginnings working as an editor and producing short films in 1993. Five years later in 1998, Lasse decided to take up photography only as a hobby and pastime. The hobby grew into a passion and it is here Lasse “started doing art seriously”. Though having only started serious work a few years ago, Lasse has wasted absolutely no time in creating several documentaries, commercials, music videos (with bands such as Opeth and Porcupine Tree), live show projections, short films, feature films, art installations, animation, grading, and post productions/compositions to name a few. Influenced by melancholic music, Francis Bacon, David Lynch, and Andrei Tarkovsky, Lasse continues to convey though his artwork, the world through his eyes and as he sees it with a modern twist. Unlike many artists, Lasse’s drive to complete many of his works revolve around the “raw” and the “realness” in everyday life; things that are often overlooked, unnoticed, and under appreciated. Many of Lasse’s photographs, such as “Patient II” and “Girl in a Box” often depict, but are in no way limited to, anger, loneliness, melancholia, or emotional struggle of everyday events. His use of grain, distortion, color/tone variations, and noise usage set the mood for his photographs which draw in and eventually place his viewers in the sane setting.

What distinguishes Lasse from many artists, is his connectedness with reality. “Mail Order Babies” (a photograph that depicts new born babies placed next to one another; side by side in boxes) is meant to convey "…the western arrogance way of getting kids. It seems nowadays one can almost design their 'dream' child through genetic preference or adoption" according to the artist himself. Though ridiculed every now and again for some of his controversial productions and artwork, Lasse still refuses to sugarcoat “truth” such as nature itself, along the instinctive behavior and beauty of human beings. Instead Lasse continues to sip his coffee un-phased.

As stated before, Lasse has also been widely recognized for directing videos and creating a number of album sleeves for Porcupine Tree since the release of In Absentia in 2002. Later in 2005, Lasse was able to direct and edit the recording of Porcupine Tree's first live performance DVD, Arriving Somewhere... which took place at Park West, Chicago. Lasse has also directed Porcupine Tree's music video entitled “Fear of a Blank Planet”. The video has been viewed over 700,000 times on to youtube.com and uploaded repetitively by loyal fans who want to get the word out. Furthermore, Lasse has recently finished the music videos for Opeth’s latest album “Watershed”.

In newer projects, Lasse Hoile will also be directing and filming a documentary entitled Insurgentes. Insurgentes is a musical road film which follows the making of Steven Wilson's solo record which also shares the same title. Insurgentes is an “in motion” portrait of an increasingly rare artist who composes and creates music along with media out of love; not for the fame and fortune; an artist persisting in making art on his own terms in a chaotic world where the "throw away" mentality is increasingly becoming the norm and prevalent more and more each day.

Insurgentes is also about music and the album as art form; applying the same aesthetic vision through various writings, performance, production, artwork, lyrics, videos, and beyond. The film digs deep into the underlying issues of creating, packaging, and marketing music in an era where iPods, Mp3's and download culture are changing, morphing, and eroding perceptions of what and how exactly an album is supposed to sound and appear.

However, the film is still in production but is scheduled for completion in Spring 2009 for screening at various film festivals next Summer. In addition to the special edition DVD version of the album "Insurgentes", is an 18 minute extract. With the revision of this website, Lasse has now decided to sell his artwork in attempts to share his art with others around the world. Giving other people too the opportunity to see what he sees, and feel what he feels.

Jasmine Walkes Postion: Public Relations, writer, editor, and journalist
Used for: UTSA PR Feature story 2008